Illusion is a radio stage experience for three different media and three kinds of audience.

Illusion” is a story that can be performed on alternative space used as a theater stage. This is a performance covered by more means of communication and it can be perceived in three different ways. Apart from the physical space i.e. the alternative stage, it is simultaneously broadcasted on radio and live streamed as a video on Theatra’s web page:

The general idea of this Theatra’s show is to encompass all notions of its unique drama series “Theater Is Everywhere!” This means that “Illusion” not only spurs all audience senses but also engages you to discover and rediscover the whole performance. With this intention, people can see a play that shows the relationship between two supposed lovers but also a play that visualizes their emotional state, hidden feelings and meanings.

As every relationship experience is in a way linked through archetypical conditions, expectations, yearnings etc., it is genuine by the individual involvement of the two sides. Illusion portrays the everlasting desire of two people to achieve a real relationship. Still on their way they crash into their own separate ideas of each other, their individual perceptions. So after years of knowing each other they still stand on the line between living together and living their separate visions of love. At moments they come at very close emotional distance between them but later they only come to realize they’ve been living in “Illusion”.

The play is performed by: Marija Zafirova, Vasil Zafirchev, Simona Spirovska, Natasha Petrovik, Viktorija Ilioska and Biljana Stojkoska. It is directed by Biljana Radinoska. This creative team of actors, dancers and a theater producer along with the director wanted to develop a text in the process of rehearsals. It was essential for the theme and giving input on individual experiences to make a play that derives from the stage itself. The play is a result of the joint effort of the whole crew. This was vital for creating a piece with a theme that deals with relationship conflicts we all share.

Performed by:

Marija Zafirova

Vasil Zafircev

Simona Spirovska

Natasha Petrovikj

Viktorija Ilioska

Biljana Stojkoska