Misanthrope by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière is the first theater show produced by Theatra. On 27th April 2011, its premiere marked the opening of this theater.

Misanthrope unfolds the story of love poisoned by the society, lies, deceits, hypocrisy, secrets and fabrications. It tells the story of a conflict with oneself aroused by a conflict with the society, by the urge for sincerity as opposed to negligent lies. A comedy that makes you laugh, cry, that gets you exasperated, relieved and perplexed while it uncovers the whole truth about love and affection in the society in front of the audience.

The dashing acting performance, the madness to bring about a baroque world in a distinct space, grows out of the actors: Atanas Atanasovski, Natasha Petrovik, Stefanija Zisovska, Bojan Kirkovski, Nikola Nastoski, Aleksandar Veljanovski and the doyens of Macedonian theater, Biljana Dragicevic – Projkovska, Kiril Andonovski and Dime Iliev.

The costumes were made by Ivana Knez, the music by James Russell. The poster was designed by Magdalena Dilevska and Iva Dujak is the head of the marketing. Dramaturgy of Misanthrope was done by Gorjan Miloshevski. It is directed by Biljana Radinoska and produced by Marija Zafirova.

Misanthrope by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

Performed by

Atanas Atanasovski

Natasha Petrovic

Bojan Kirkovski

Stefanija Zisovska

Biljana Dragicevic – Projkovska

Dime Iliev

Aleksandar Veljanovski

Nikola Nastoski

Kiril Andonovski

Costumes by Ivana Knez

Music by James Russell

Dramaturgy by Gorjan Miloshevski

Directed by Biljana Radinoska

Produced by Marija Zafirova