The Theatra Maker.

Marija Zafirova, born in 1985, is a theater producer who lives and works in Skopje as a founder of independent theater, Theatra.

With her previous bachelor’s degree in economics, exceptional business portfolio and working experience, Marija fosters a distinguished approach working in this theater. She is finishing her second studies at the Production Department in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Marija is the only student who formed her own independent theater already in the course of her studies.

Producing and establishing theater with a clear vision of unique repertoire and genres in contrasting creative conditions and space as opposed to the social mainstream, further more aspiring towards artistic and cultural changes, is an extraordinary effort. These are also the goals of this independent woman producer through which she highlighted the agenda of raising awareness for power and potential theater has and for development of independent theater approach.

As a producer, she gives an example of building a creative environment, a theater that sets new standards and offers fresh views and something Marija heartily fights for, that is the affirmation of young artists and makers. With this she makes a vital step for the overall trend in culture and society.