About Theatra

Theatra is an independent theater which brings theater making to a new level that restores essence of theater in any aspect: rising of its standards with new art forms, expressions and meanings. The goal of Theatra is not to stir up a revolution in what theater carries within and presents, but by itself to be a model of originality. This is a model that opens up the possibilities of innovation in theater, of a theater experience with fresh ideas and perspectives through teams of young creative people who find theater much larger than planks, words and movements.

Theatra’s point of view is wide at different angles: from real problems present today through inner social conflicts right up to limits of fantasy and meaning of wide awaken consciousness.

Creating an independent theater means producing soundly prepared projects based on new quality criteria for theater performances. These criteria lead theater to advanced forms that surpass classic notion of theater making for communication with audience.

It is an unavoidable fact that magic which happens in theater must always appear. It must be revived again and again, always in improved models. Theatra makes magic from its authentic standpoint.